Advantage Plan

Aetna originally started as a fire insurance company and was incorporated in Hartford, Connecticut. The company signed its first insurance policy in 1819. In 1853, the company changed course and was incorporated as Aetna Life Insurance Company. Diversification began in 1891 with the addition of general insurance and paved the way for Aetna’s entry into the health insurance market in 1899.


Aetna Medicare Benefit Plans

There are five Aetna Medicare Advantage 2021 plans in our sample territory, and all but one include prescription drug coverage. There are three HMO plans, all without bonuses, and a PPO plan. All plans have a $0 deductible, which means the cost is not a barrier if you need a policy.

Medicare Plus is the premier HMO plan. Copayments for Primary Care and Specialists are $0. There is also no co-payment for hospital admissions. Prescriptions have no deductible and generics cost $0. Includes vision, hearing and dental insurance.

Medicare Select is the next HMO plan. You have a $0 copay for office or specialist consultations and no hospital copay. Hearing, vision and dental insurance are also included in this plan.

Like all plans, Select includes prescription drug coverage. Tier 1 drugs have a $0 copayment, Tier 2 drugs have a $5 copayment. Tier 3 and 4 have a copayment of $42 and $100, respectively, while Tier 5 is covered with a 33% coinsurance.


Medicare Prime is also an HMO plan and again a $0 premium plan. This plan has similar co-pay amounts, no office visits or specialist fees, but lower maximum deductibles. They also have a $0 copay for hospital stays. Plan prices are lower in many areas, although prescription drug coverage is the same as the Select plan.

Premium includes limited hearing, dental and vision coverage. There is no premium for these services. The main difference between these plans is the maximum payout.

The Medicare Eagle plan is the only plan that does not include Part D. It is also a $0 deductible plan and an HMO plan.

Aetna Medicare Special Needs (SNP) plans are available in select states.