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Aetna offers Medicare Advantage plans with and without prescription drug coverage, and the company also offers Part D (prescription drug) plans and Medigap coverage. Subsidiaries and affiliates, often offering their own unique product lines, including Coventry, First Health and Meritain. Aetna’s line of Medicare Advantage plans includes PPO, HMO and PDP products. Availability varies by service area.


Aetna Medicare Advantage plans are available in more than 900 counties across the United States. Aetna sells a variety of Medicare products, and you can find Aetna Medicare plans in most states.

Details About Mobile App

The Aetna Health app helps you stay on top of your health care when and where it’s most convenient for you. With just a few clicks, you can find a doctor, consult the information about rights and prices, and access your ID card. You can even speak to a doctor anytime by phone or video. Is easy. And it’s all in the palm of your hand.

This app is available to most Aetna members. Members of some plans may not be eligible yet, but we are continually working to expand access. If you are not eligible today, please try again in a few months.

App functionality may vary by plan.

Connect Care

  • Find suppliers and facilities within the network.
  • View provider ratings and ratings from other patients.
  • Get estimates before seeking treatment.
  • Search for drugs by brand or generic name and learn about side effects.
  • Talk to a doctor anytime by phone or video.
  • Connect to COVID vaccine resources.


Manage Your Health And Benefits

  • Access your ID card anytime.
  • Track your expenses and progress towards meeting your deductible.
  • Check PayFlex HSA, HRA and FSA account balances.
  • View your plan summary and see what’s covered.
  • See Entitlements and Declaration of Benefits (EOB) for more information on what is covered.
  • Receive personalized health reminders.